🧙‍♂️Entropyfi Ambassador Program Lead

What is Entropyfi

Entropyfi is a platform offering lossless derivatives. Entropyfi currently offers lossless asset prediction markets, rebase-token cope-free hedge strategy, and rebase-token rekt-free leverage strategy products on Polygon network. Entropyfi is soon coming to other scaling solutions and networks.

What does the Ambassador Program Lead do

  • Develop and publish weekly tasks to ambassadors

    • In-depth analysis article

    • Copypasta

    • Twitter threadooor

  • Provide guidance to ambassadors for completing the tasks

    • Formulate narratives from Entropyfi development updates

    • Explain the narratives to ambassadors

  • Measure and evaluate ambassador works

    • Collect tasks submissions and ambassador addresses

    • Evaluate the quality of work

    • Create improvement reports with quantitative and qualitative metrics

  • Expand Entropyfi ambassador base

    • Create recruiting pipeline for Entropyfi ambassador program

What you gain from this role

  • Remote, flexible work schedule

  • Mentorship from an innovative team

  • Connection to top-tier DeFi projects and KOLs

  • Incubation for your own idea

  • Good meme from Chief Meme Officer

  • Competitive comps in stablecoins and $ERP

How we evaluate the work

  • Quality of ambassador works

  • Engagement of our ambassador publications

    • Tracked by Twitter analytics

  • Growth of Entropyfi community

    • Tracked by Discord

How to apply

Resume is so web2, just fill this Google Form: https://forms.gle/87LqYGbZL6VfsNDp7

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