Designed for OHMies, native in (3, 3)
Entropyfi (50,50) brings two new products: Soft Hedge and Soft Leverage, designed specifically for rebase token holders to better manage their (3,3) risk and rewards.

Soft Hedge

Do you foresee a negative price action but are afraid of the copium you have to consume if the market goes the other way?
  • Use a soft hedge to temperately risk-off your position
  • Meanwhile maintaining your holdings for capturing the upside.

Soft Leverage

Do you want to (9,9) but the liquidation risk is keeping you up at night?
  • Use our soft leverage to boost your rebase reward
  • On top of the price appreciation.
Because soft-leverage is a liquidation-free alternative to (9,9), not only you are better off by carrying less risk, the entire community is also better off by avoiding liquidation cascade.

A payoff matrix

A payoff matrix for soft hedge and soft leverage