Boost the Yields of the Game

You can become a sponsor of the pool to boost the yields for players. The sponsor will receive our ERP token. Each sponsor receives a portion of it according to the the sponsor's share in all sponsors.

The sponsors' interests will be distributed to the winner in the market prediction game. To be a sponsor, you need to deposit stablecoins to receive sponsor token, then stake the sponsor token.

You will receive sponsor tokens when you sponsor a game, by using the Deposit button on the left of the above interface. After depositing your USDT (STEP 1), the sponsor tokens will be sent to your address, and you can stake by using the button on the right (STEP 2).

When you would like to redeem the sponsor token back to the stable coins (e.g., USDT), use the Exit Farm button on the right side of the Sponsorship interface. Follow the STEP 1 and STEP 2.

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