🥩Vault Inc $ERP Staking



What pools are offered?

We will offer two pools (single token and liquidity token) for both Ethereum mainnet and Polygon mainnet.

How does long-term staking work?

When you stake your $ERP or LP token, you can choose to lock your staking from 0 weeks (free float) to 52 weeks (for the maximal 2x reward boost). Your rewards will be locked for 52 weeks. It’s important to note that your reward vesting will start once you “claim” your rewards.

The longer you lock, the stronger you signal your conviction, and the higher reward you will earn. Staking without locking will give you a reward weight of 1. For each additional week locked, the reward weight will go up by 1/52.

reward weight =1 + weeks locked * 1/52

How to stake?

Visit Vault.inc Entropyfi staking page: https://entropyfi.vault.inc/

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Choose the network that you wish to stake

  1. Select Entropyfi (ETH) if you to stake $ERP or $ERP-$USDC LP on Ethereum. Select Entropyfi (Polygon) if you to stake $ERP or $ERP-$USDC LP on Polygon.

  2. Connect your wallet by clicking “connect” in the top right corner.

  3. Select the pool you wish to stake.

After you connect your wallet, you would be able to stake either $ERP token or $ERP:$USDC LP tokens. If you do not already hold $ERP or $ERP-$USDC LP, Vault.inc conveniently provides links to acquire these tokens (“Buy $ERP” and “Add $ERP:$USDC LP” buttons)

Select locking duration

You could select between a “flexible” staking and “locked” staking

  1. If you choose flexible, you could withdraw your staked tokens anytime

  2. If you choose locked, you could only withdraw your staked tokens after the tokens get unlocked

Adjust the locking slider to see what APY you could achieve

Approve Vault.inc

  1. You will have to authorize the token approval transaction

Stake your token

  1. After the approve transaction is processed, you can click on “stake” button to stake the tokens

How to claim reward?

Visit Vault.inc Entropyfi staking page: https://entropyfi.vault.inc/

  1. Click on the “Rewards” tab

Select the pool you wish to claim reward from


  1. Click on claim and approve the Metamask transaction

  2. Wait for your reward to be vested

  3. Congrats! Now you have claimed your reward, and the unlocking time starts now

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