🎮Prediction Market

Under a minute ⌛

Find a Market You Want to Predict

Use the filter in the upper right corner to filter for the market you wish to participate

Place Your Prediction

If you think your predicted price will go above the target value - Predict Long 🔺

If you think your predicted price will go below the target value - Predict Short 🔻


If you think the BTC price will be $38,000 at the settlement time, which is below the target value $44,772 (shown above) You will Predict Short

The initial target price, 'e.g BTC > 44,772 USDT' is just an example. It is queried when the first user joins the game. (all price feed is forwarded by decentralized oracles)

We currently support multiple deposit assets, such as Dai, USDT, USDC, ETH

If you win- You will be rewarded with the interests generated by all deposits in the prediction market. The more principal you put during your prediction, the more reward you will receive, as the reward is allocated according to your share within all the winners.

If you lose- You will NOT lose your principal! You can always get your principal back.

NOTE: Multi-collaterals meaning there's no need to exchange coins to make an position. e.g., no need to buy wBTC to short wBTC.

Compounded Rewards

We will automatically enroll in the next round game for you, your gain in this round will be used as principal for the next round. If you are a perma-bull or perma-bear, just leave your token in the pool without the need to interact with the contract every round.


If you changed your mind, you can simply switch your decision by swapping short and long tokens.

  • Choose swap side.

    • Long to short

    • Short to long

  • Enter the amount of token you want to swap

  • Click Swap Shares 🔁

Leave Game

You can join and leave anytime, even during the locked period 🔒

  • No limits on withdrawal throughout the entire game!

  • Click the view pool button - it will direct you to the pool detail page

  • Input Long & Short token amount and click withdraw

  • Pool tokens will be burned when withdrawing

  • The gas fee might be different during the locked and unlocked period of the pool

You can choose to withdraw the principal token or AAVE aToken 🧐

You can choose to get AAVE interest-bearing tokens or just current pool principal tokens upon your withdrawal. There are several benefits of this design:

  • You can take a PAUSE from the market prediction game

  • You can still enjoy the interest generated by AAVE (current market APY)

  • We help you save some gas fees (if you still want to passively earn yield)

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