↗️Rekt-Free Leverage

A rekt-free way to leverage

Liquidation free alternative to (9,9)

Who is it for?

If I'm really bullish about the project and want to leverage my staking, but I don't want to face liquidation risk. Then soft leverage is the perfect tool for me to manage the risk.

How does it work?

  • I will predict price of the token is higher on the Entropyfi (50,50)

  • If the price is indeed higher at settlement, I will not only benefit from the additional boosted rebase reward, but also the price appreciation of the token

  • I cannot get liquidated if the market does not go as I planned. I will only lose their rebase reward

  • The original deposit of the soft leverage users is retained and will earn the boosted rebase reward if we see a positive price movement in the next epoch

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