Game Logic

The magic behind the game

Step 1: Join Game Before the Pool is Locked

  • The game's initial price is queried from decentralized oracles when the first user deposits.

  • Users will get long/short tokens once they deposit collateral tokens into the pool

Step 2: Lock Pool -> supply tokens to AAVE to generate stable interest

  • All principal tokens will be supplied to AAVE

  • Users can hop off anytime, even during the locking period

Step 3: Claim Reward

  • Redeem all tokens from AAVE

  • Auto-update value of long/short token

  • Enjoy the profit

If the user wishes to keep the same decision for the next round, our Long/Short tokens will weekly compound automatically:

string value_proposition 
= "To provided user a less-risky way to speculate Market !!!"

define LOWRISK -> lossless


Logic from long to short:

  • Swap operation will burn the long pool tokens if the user chooses from a long to a short position.

  • Mint equal value of short pool token

Pool Sponsor

We want to create a positive feedback loop from our game design:

Weekly lottery

The lottery draw is funded by the protocol revenue. Users who won the lottery will have to burn their pledged governance token to claim the reward. Meanwhile, users who did not win the lottery are able to retrieve their governance token or pledge their governance token for the next weekly lottery draw.

Common operations in our game including:

  • Deposit

  • Withdraw

  • Swap Token

  • Pause Prediction

  • Pool Sponsor Deposit & Withdraw

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